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Perfecting the Product Experience

Everise supports innovative software and connected device brands to scale unhindered throughout the product life cycle.

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Agent Attrition
million in Annual Savings
Client-Assigned QA Ratings
Product Sales Conversion Rates

Premium Product Support

Everise product and tech support is built to help you scale – whether launching on the level of startup or enterprise. Our success is a product of innovative training methods, high degrees of ongoing agent-product immersion and the kind of longevity that results when people love their jobs.

Community Moderation and Optimization

Everise is so effective because we listen to your users. More importantly, we give them a safe and productive environment to talk to us, in the form of positive, well-moderated support communities.

There, users not only offer invaluable customer satisfaction insights and knowledge base content, but also help solve one another’s problems. Even better, user contributions provide our analysts clues pointing to the deep, non-obvious factors often driving many seemingly unrelated product support contacts.

User-Generated Content Moderation

Effective content moderation is vital to preservation of positive experiences on the parts of content contributors and consumers. Everise offers much more than people trained to judge the quality of your customers’ submissions. We are equipped with the soft skills and hard technologies required to maximize efficiency and convert content moderation into a true brand-building asset.

Reseller Fraud Detection and Prevention

For connected device makers, fragile retailer relationships and slim margins must be actively protected, and that means working vigorously to eliminate reseller, warranty and credit card fraud.

Effective fraud detection requires a combination of experience-earned intuition paired with an extensive knowledge base – and these only come from agent longevity bolstered by effective training.

We have the irreplaceable soft skills and hard data required to beat back the fraudsters subjecting game-changing devices to harsh headwinds.

Pre-Release Field and Beta Testing

Everise conducts hands-on, laboratory-based product use (and often abuse) beginning with the unboxing experience, moving on to user interactions with instructions and support documentation, product installation and troubleshooting.

The client receives concise, specific, actionable guidance for fixing likely future support contact generators, long before they have a chance to become trouble.

Remote IT Helpdesk Services

Let’s just go ahead and say it: technology can be complicated. And when it comes to supporting your employee’s, a potential employer’s inability to support your hardware and software puts it at a true hiring disadvantage. Everise gives firms of all sizes the ability to economically support many Apple and PC products, though our remote helpdesk solution. Jamf certified and available 24×7, we offer the kind of intensive, always available support most assume is out of reach for all but the largest organizations.

Innovative PX Technology

We have deep domain knowledge and close partnerships with the world’s top product experience, analytics and CRM solutions built for companies in all stages of their digital transformation.

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News and Insights

Content Moderation Evolved for the Experience Age

The most successful consumer-facing brands are those that build vibrant ecosystems around the quality contributions of engaged content creators.
User-generated content (UGC) is considered highly trustworthy, increases conversion, inspires strong brand loyalty, attracts organic search traffic, educates, and provides pre-emptive customer support.

5 Reasons Why Creating a Great Digital Experience is Critical for Brands

As more people spend more time online,  having a great digital customer experience is essential for brands. When done right it gives brands an edge against their competition. 

Beyond the Theater

Everise sponsored the recent installment of the Future of Video series produced by Parks Associates. Dubbed 'Beyond the Theater: New Windowing Strategies', the focus was on high-profile theatrical films being released in a direct-to-customer format, versus a typical theatrical release. Speakers explored how the future will look regarding the theaters, premium streaming services, and the strategy of the theatrical window of new movies.

5 Ways Product Owners Can Build Digital Trust

In a competitive market, creating a near-perfect product experience is critical to building customer loyalty and trust. But creating a perfect experience is easier said than done. 

Closing the Usability Gap on Digital Media Interfaces

Recently Parks Associates, a connected device intelligence firm, hosted their first session in a series of events in 2021 dedicated to exploring and understanding the ever-growing video streaming landscape with a focus on Over The Top (OTT) services, which is video streaming via the internet. OTT services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Vidgo and others, continue to grow and surpass traditional broadcast television and cable providers.

5 Smart Home Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is a widely recognized observance that is celebrated every April 22nd , as far back as 1970, and is now observed in over 192 countries around the world. The movement now signifies hope for creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for future generations to come.

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