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The Leading Digital Experience Platform.

Welcome to The Experience Age 

exage combines cloud technologies with artificial intelligence to help you evolve your customer and product support into the digital experience-age.

Object Library
Agent Intelligence
Business Intelligence

How exage Gives Your Business an Edge

Built for Speed and Scale

exage runs on a fully customizable, proprietary tech stack for rapid prototyping and optimization. This means we meet your exacting needs sooner. When AI and Automation is aired with powerful Data Analytics, the success of any Experience transformation solution is effortlessly scaled to serve your growing audience. 

The Economics of AI

A single voice interaction can cost as much as $15. A multi-tasking chat agent can get that cost down to $5 per interaction. Meanwhile, an exage AI-powered solution costs around 20¢ per interaction in any of over 30 Asian and European languages – all while increasing the effectiveness of your carbon-based agents.  

Business Continuity

The increasing severity of regional disruption due to viral, climate and social factors demands a CX strategy able to maintain basic functionality even if the lights where your agents are located should go out. Solutions built and managed with exage are resilient and designed to fill gaps sparked by the kinds of black swan events that seem to be defining more of the time we live in.  

Flexible Engagements

Just as AI maximizes support options for your customers, exage maximizes engagement options for our clients. We will work to optimize both the effectiveness of our tools and the basis upon which they are priced -- with the satisfaction of all parties our top priority. 

exage provides you with all the right tools to create outstanding customer and product experiences.

Evolve with Artificial Intelligence

exage is an enterprise-grade customer experience platform that consists of several integrated applications to design, build, deliver and manage world-class omnichannel customer experiences.​

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Why exage is a proven platform

10 Million
Messages automated
and counting
Average contact reduction for
voice and chat
Awards won to date
Integrated applications

Intelligent Omnichannel CX

exage automates ordinary customer interactions, infusing it with artificial intelligence, digitizing CX and product support, helping brands deliver personalization at scale on any channel.

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